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The QWIC Premium MN8 has been developed as the best of both worlds. For over 10 years, QWIC develops, manufactures and markets high quality electric bicycles. All this experience has resulted in several good test results. The QWIC Premium MN8 has been developed for the purpose of using the bicycle every day in the city. All vulnerable parts are protected or have been removed, resulting in a clean and no-nonsense bike.


Battery: 36V 18650 NCM + Li-ion
Battery options: 375 Wh - 470 Wh - 625 Wh - 735 Wh
Baggage rack: Ja
Range: Tot 180 Km
Frame sizes: Dames M, L Heren L
Step-through height: 42.5 cm
Torque: 80 Nm
Drive placement: Middenmotor
Rear brakes: Hydraulische velgrem
Gear range: 280%
USB functionality: Nee
Suspension seat post: Ja
Transmission: Shimano Nexus 8
Removable battery: Ja
Tires: Schwalbe Energizer Plus
Digital Display: Ja
Weight: 25.4 Kg exclusief accu
Adjustable handlebar stem: Verstelbaar
Charging time: 8 uur
Front brakes: Hydraulische velgrem
Silent Drive: Nee
Front suspension: Ja
Lighting: Bosch & Müller Avy 40 Lux
Wheel size: 28 Inch


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